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A long track record of successfully managing our clients assets through an ever changing world defines Be Realty Property Management. We know that our clients have invested a lot into the assets they intrust us to manage. We most likely helped them acquire those assets and so we know how important maintaining healthy and safe buildings are to not only the bottom line of our clients, but also for the tenants themselves.

Karen Sandvoss

Director of Property Management
Office Line: 773-572-4590

Ian Carswell

Chief Operating Officer
Leasing Line: 773-572-4590

Robin Irizarry 

Maintenance Manager 
Leasing Line: 773-572-4590

Felipe Vazquez 

Lead Maintenance Technician
Direct Line: 630-741-2454

Kathleen Madonna

Maintenance Coordinator 
Direct Line: 773-234-3363

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