Introducing Jeff Krantz

Hello friends of Be Realty —

Over the past year and a half, Be Realty has been busily setting up a structure for success.  This has largely been about bringing on the right people and building a reliable team to help our clients be where they want to be.  As of yet, these terrific agents have not been introduced to the world, so with the introduction of Jeff Krantz, I begin presenting the wonderful brokers that comprise our growing team

Jeff takes an analytical approach to real estate that maximizes his clients\\\’ time. He specializes in working with first-time homebuyers, looking to find the perfect fit. As a three year native of Lakeview, he is an expert on where to be in Chicago\\\’s Northside.  When not engaged in real estate efforts, Jeff spends time developing web applications.  Process improvement is inherent to what he does day to day and Jeff brings that energy to each new deal he completes with Be Realty.

I am particularly excited to see what Jeff can do for his friends who are just starting to dip their toes into the real estate pond. I am confident that his enthusiasm surrounding real estate and Chicago in general will lead to great experiences for his clients.  Jeff’s knowledge of application development brings an interesting aspect to Be Realty the company that I suspect will be crucial to our future success.

Thanks for choosing Be Realty, Jeff.  I am excited to see what you will be able to do for yourself and for us and for the real estate community.

Be well,

Andrew Wendt