Realty Tech Talks

On Tuesday, March 25th, Be Realty is hosting the first Realty Tech Talk at which four dynamic companies will be presenting their tech solutions for the field of real estate.  These companies include: My Short Track, Loan Path and Rent Ur Way.  Below are descriptions of Tuesday’s presenters.

 This will be the first in an on going series.  If you or anyone you know might want to attend this event or future events or present at future events, please email us at

Hope to hear from you soon.

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Be Realty



A true Real Estate hub, myShortTrack brings together documents, task management, and secure team communication into a simple, mobile, collaborative platform.

myShortTrack was first built in response to managing the massive distressed real estate market, and all of the people and information involved.  A complicated endeavor to create efficiency where there was chaos, it was designed by a group of process-oriented short sale experts with science and engineering backgrounds.  Used by over 7000 people over the past 4 years, the software evolved to meet the needs of everyone involved in all types real estate transactions.

We didn’t set out with a goal to reshape an entire industry, we simply needed to solve a localized problem.  It just so happens everyone can use it.  Like all good things in the Midwest – we are a home-grown product – our people and technology development are not outsourced. We love what we do.   We hope you love what we\\\’ve created!

 Loan Path:

We are not a Lender.  We are an unbiased resource that seeks to turn the complicated and seemingly never-ending mortgage journey into a smooth, pleasant, and direct path.  Above and beyond any resource available, LoanPath jump-starts the mortgage shopping and application process by providing you:

  • An Interactive and User-Friendly Experience that allows you to quickly and easily become acquainted with mortgages, thus ensuring you play an active role in one of the largest investments of your life.  LoanPath’s standardized platform reduces human error and costly mistakes, both on your side of the table as well as the Lender’s, thus resulting in a more efficient process that saves everyone time, money, and headache.

  • Personalized Understanding of your specific situation and borrowing ability, all of which is provided immediately!  No need to wait for a banker to get back to you.  Your PathReport will contain considerations from a Lender’s perspective, basic mortgage knowledge to help you “talk the talk”, and some friendly, unbiased financial guidance.

  • Concise yet Comprehensive Feedback which tells you where to start, what you should know, and where to go from there.  What would usually take you many phones calls to various mortgage professionals, and an hour or two of your time, now only takes minutes with the LoanPath Questionnaire.

Avoid the confusion and costly mistakes experienced in the “Mortgage Maze”.  LoanPath provides you the clearest path possible by educating you on the mortgage basics while simultaneously helping you determine your ability to get approved, the rates you should be offered, and which Lenders in the marketplace are most competitive, reliable, and professional.

Rent Ur Way:


No more spammy ads. No unreturned phone calls. No bait and switch apartments. The city of Chicago deserves a better way to rent. Now, you can Renturway – the new, easy way to find apartments in Chicago.

Renturway was created by professional Chicago leasing agents who want to provide a better rental experience for those looking for apartments. The featured agents on Renturway have complete profiles where you can review customer comments, their credentials and specialties, and learn a little more about the agent you’ll be working with.


There are plenty of horror stories from exhausted apartment hunters about their experience. You’re tired of being treated like a number or a pathway to a commission check. Renturway is for people looking for apartments in Chicago who want a stress-free experience from start to finish. Our unique interface allows you more search options than any other rental site, and gives you access to the most up-to-date apartment listings in the city. We work with the best agents and agencies in Chicago to provide the searcher with the best apartments the city has to offer.


Renturway is a FREE apartment rental platform for Chicagoans, created and maintained by Chicago renters and rental agents to provide exactly what you (the renter) want! No other online apartment guide gives you more options when starting your apartment search. Choose the neighborhood, the amenities, the layout, and so much more. Then, learn about the agent that is offering the apartment, and see what other similar featured listings the agent offers. Searching for an apartment has never been easier, because now you can Renturway.

Be Realty:

Be Realty is a full service real estate brokerage whose agents are dedicated to reliable communication.  Whether you are buying a home, selling a home, making an investment, or looking for a commercial lease, Be Realty’s agents will keep you well-informed and well-advised throughout the process.

Be Realty agents share the knowledge they have gained through decades of experience, and the knowledge gained from each new experience.  This sharing strengthens the entire team and equips us to serve our clients with well-considered strategies and best practices.

Our focus on communication, teamwork, and continued improvement  has both led industry experts and clients to consistently rate Be Realty agents as 5-star performers.

Be where you want to be.  Be Realty. ™